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Reel World Management teams with Shania Twain to develop series "Heart of Texas"

Country music superstar Shania Twain is teaming with our client Reel World Management (Netflix's Virgin River) to develop a drama based on best-selling author Debbie Macomber's Heart of Texas novels. Twain will also write original music for the potential series. Danny Webber negotiated the deal for Twain to become attached to the project as an Executive Producer, performer and music composer.

"There are some parallels in the story to my own story — a young family carrying on after the parents die, and the female main character having all this responsibility," Twain told The Hollywood Reporter. "I was thinking this sounds so much like my own life. And I'm drawn to horses and the whole lifestyle of living outside the city, where family is everything. It really spoke to me."

Twain will executive produce with Reel World Management principals Roma Roth and Christopher E. Perry. Roth told THR they're currently searching for a showrunner before taking the package to the marketplace.

"Debbie Macomber's brand is known for that kind of storytelling, and she has developed an incredibly dedicated fan base. Her Heart of Texas novels were exactly what we were looking for," said Roth. "They're an epic family drama. … The storylines revolve around the sacrifices each character has to make to keep their family's Texas cattle ranch and their legacy alive. We felt the books had the perfect combination of drama, conflict, unrequited love and romance, all while having that perfect, uplifting and inspiring quality we felt everyone was craving."

Twain said she's also planning to write songs for the show and spent time recently in Alberta (where filming will likely take place) getting a feel for the landscape and the type of music she'll compose.

"I'll be able to write about love and loss and hardship and triumph. It's going to run the gamut in that sense," she said. "I'm still getting a feel for the sound and mood of the music. I'll be getting together with an arranger, and that's going to be new for me as well, getting involved with the actual scoring."

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