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Premiere of "Overlord and the Underwoods" on CBC GEM & BYUtv

Produced by our client marblemedia, Overlord and the Underwoods is a family sitcom co-created by Anthony Q. Farrell and Ryan Wiesbrock which The series first premiered in the United Kingdom on October 4, 2021 on Nickelodeon, while it premiered in Canada on October 29, 2021 on CBC Gem, and will premiere in the U.S. on the BYUtv network on November 9th.

The series focuses on a North American family called the Underwoods, whose life goes upside down when the second most wanted criminal in the world, their distant cousin Overlord - who is an alien, seeks refuge in their home after being forced into intergalactic witness protection after he snitches his boss and is made to live with the Underwoods

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