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Hall Webber LLP is recognized as one of Canada's top boutique law firms specializing in entertainment, sports & esports, corporate, intellectual property, information technology, culture policy and communications law.  We represent a diverse roster of individual and corporate clients from all over Canada, as well as many international clients doing business in Canada.  Our clients include producers, distributors, agents, writers, authors, directors, actors, hosts, journalists, designers, animators, artists, software application & game developers, composers, musicians, photographers, event planners & promoters, publicists, athletes, esports gamers and public speakers.  We take great pride in supporting all of our clients' creative, business and entrepreneurial endeavors by providing practical, cost efficient, affordable, reliable, comprehensible and goal oriented services and advice. We take care of business....so your show can go on.  Whatever type of show that may be.

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Creative Content Production & Distribution

  • Source material adaptation rights acquisition (novels, screenplays, life rights)

  • International treaty co-productions

  • Clearances for errors & omissions insurance 

  • Talent deals for writers, directors, actors, hosts, designers, composers, visual effects, etc.

  • Licenses & releases for locations, music, stock footage & product placements 

  • Debt & equity financing deals

  • Canadian Content Certification regulations & compliance (CAVCO, CRTC, Telefilm, CMF)

  • Distribution, sales agent, broadcasting & SVOD/OTT licensing deal

Intellectual Property & Publishing

  • U.S. & Canadian Copyright and Trademark Registrations

  • Title Clearance Reports & Legal Opinions

  • Errors & Omissions Insurance Clearances & Opinions

  • Chain-of-Title Opinions

  • Fair Dealing/Fair Use Analysis

  • Script, music, film clip, artwork, trademark,  & publication licenses & releases

  • Privacy, Personality, Life Story & Publicity Rights

  • Submission Releases and Confidentiality Agreement

  • Publishing, Co-Authorship, Illustrator Agreements

Sports, Marketing, Sponsorship & eSports

  • Marketing & Promotional Service Agreements

  • Sponsorship, Influencer & Endorsement Agreements

  • Licensing Agreements

  • Event Venue Agreements & Risk Management

  • Contest Rules

  • Branding, Product Placements & Commercial tie-ins

  • Player & Team agreements

Music, Theatre & Special Events

  • Music recording, producing, publishing & distribution Agreements

  • Management and promotion agreements

  • Band Member Partnerships/ Joint Ventures

  • Composer Agreements

  • Synchronization & Master Use Licenses

  • Touring and Sponsorship Agreements

  • Event venue & promotion agreements

  • legitimate stage play, musical and concert development & production

Information Technology & Communications

  • Computer Software , Mobile App & Video Game Development, Licensing & Distribution

  • Website Design, Development & Hosting

  • End User License Agreements

  • Terms of Use & Privacy Policies

Incorporation & Business Organization

  • Incorporation (federal & provincial)

  • Shareholder & Partnership Agreements

  • Amalgamations & Dissolutions

  • Business Asset & Share Purchase Agreements

  • Not-For-Profit Organizations & Clubs

  • Business & Professional Licensing

Strategic Policy & Regulation

  • Providing strategic political and policy advice across complex, multi-faceted, and inter-related TMT policy tools and issues (see below)​

  • Identifying and defining your policy challenges and opportunities in a way that governments at all levels can understand and address​

  • Developing policy positions and devising and executing effective policy advocacy strategies and initiatives targeted to specific decision-makers​​

  • Crafting policy options for approaches to challenges/opportunities that are comprehensive, practical, creative, and progressive, and conducting risk analysis and evaluation of options and mitigation strategies​​

  • Identifying policy opponents, helping you build policy alliances, developing and analyzing stakeholder consultation, and providing insight and intelligence on industry trends, policy, legal and political developments, emerging issues, communities of interest, jurisdiction scans, and best practices​​


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